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Amanda The Adventurer

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How do you feel about old kids shows? What if you were told that this particular show you’re holding in your hand on a dusty video tape from your attic right now is not quite… usual? If you’re ready for anything, plunge into Amanda the Adventurer and see what it has in store for you!

Just a kids show… or not?

At first sight, it’s not anything special. Just this little cheerful puppet girl telling kids from the screen how to spell words and cook plastic desserts. Actually, you find it so amusing that you kind of get involved yourself. And before you know it, you’re already putting together those cubes with letters you pulled from a nearby box of some old rubbish, and hustling over a toy oven gathering dust in the corner. However, the fun doesn’t last for too long…

Amanda is not who you think!

The more you watch the more you realize Amanda is not so simple and friendly. She obviously has some disturbing inclinations, and you’re troubled by the evil glint that gets brighter and brighter in her eyes. In a little while, horrors start breaking through the screen into real life. Are you brave enough to follow through until the last episode? Start playing, enjoy the suspense and find out how everything ends!

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