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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

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Feel like Freddy and just a few of other monsters are not enough for you? Get ready for the ultimate lineup of the wicked animatronics then! This special edition of FNAF will surely cover you in all types of sweat as you try to stay alive through the night in that desolate security room, with clockwork beasts getting closer and closer…

The more animatronics the creepier!

In FNAF Ultimate Custom Night, you get to choose from a mind-boggling assortment of animatronics, each with their own quirks, tricks, and jump scare abilities. It’s like a twisted circus of chaos, and you’re the ringmaster trying to survive the night! You can mix and match animatronics, set their difficulty levels, and create your very own nightmarish challenge.

The gameplay is a rollercoaster of frantic multitasking. You’ll find yourself juggling cameras, checking vents, managing power, and trying to keep your cool as these zany animatronics do their best to send you running for the hills. So pack up your courage, take a deep breath and let’s begin!

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