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Baby in Yellow

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Get ready for a spooky and whimsical adventure with Baby in Yellow! It’s like a trip down a rabbit hole into a land of creepy mysteries and baby-centric madness. So, buckle up your diapers, cause things are about to get nuttier than a peanut butter sandwich!

Something strange about this kid

So, you’re a babysitter, tasked with taking care of the cutest, quirkiest, and, let’s be honest, slightly creepy baby in town. This little munchkin, affectionately known as Baby in Yellow, has something off about him. He’s not like the rest of the kids that you happened to baby-sit so far. He is very sad, and you sometimes find him crying in his parents’ bedroom (although it’s hard to imagine a toddler can experience any complex emotions, so what’s wrong with him?). From the moment you set foot in this house, prepare yourself for a whirlwind of crazy events and mind-boggling, bone-chilling surprises!

Survive your baby-sitting hours!

The thing is, Baby in Yellow is not an ordinary baby. He’s got some dark force lodged inside him, and it breaks though when he’s upset or angry. Then you will find the entire house shaking and crumbling, furniture moving on its own, lights flickering like crazy and multiple portals to the demonic world opening here and there. You will actually see some spooky black tentacles meandering on the staircase and enigmatic inscriptions in blood on the walls. What’s happening? Are you in danger? Can you save yourself – and the baby? Play and find out!

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