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Five Nights at Fulp’s

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Do you think being a night guard at a small cafe is not a big deal? You’re terribly mistaken! And ‘terribly’ is a literal word here. Prepare for a few creepy nights at this crazy location filled with murderous monsters! It’s gonna take all of your bravery and cunning to survive!

Don’t get killed until dawn!

So, the place has just closed, and you’re entering your night shift. Everything seems all right so far, but then you notice a strange movement out of the corner of your eye. Something on one of your security camera screens. Wait, what is this? One of the robots that are supposed to perform the hardest job and leave the human staff hand-free for other responsibilities seems to have been activated on its own! And you don’t know what’s in those wired brains of it right now!

Using all the means at your disposal, you have to keep the robots at bay and stay away from them until morning. One by one, the machines will come to life and put you in danger. Will you find a way to save your skin? You have until dawn to find out! It’s going to be a thrilling and wild experience!

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